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Happy New Year 2017

"Don't make a resolution for one day. Wake up each day with conviction. 365 days, wake up every day, go out there and execute. Set goals and crush those goals"


10 Best Freelance Marketplaces

With 55 million people freelancing in the United States alone, it is fair to say that the work force is shifting from the standard 9-to-5. With that are several new websites and apps popping up everyday to help freelancers find work. Below you’ll find the 10 best freelance marketplaces for both employers and freelancers.   1) Upwork […]


The Future of Freelance & the Gig Economy

In the last 10 years, we definitely have seen the growth and development of more digital platforms. Upwork, Fiverr, Etsy, Uber, Airbnb are just a few that come to mind. While working from Starbucks may seem ideal, there are still downfalls to freelancing, such as protecting the freelancer themselves from bad pays, poor communication and the lack of benefits. Freelancers will tell you that it doesn’t matter though and the perks outweigh the downfalls.


3 Barriers to Freelancing

MyClyq was created to help you start off as a freelancer and discover the new gig economy. Through this site, you are able to plug in your extended network and let your talents be discovered.


Define Your Own Success

Your success should not be defined by what people say it is. You need to focus on what is important to you and set your own goals to achieve.


Why Freelance? Why Independence?

I find a lot of people ask this question. So I consider myself a full time independent contractor while still moonlighting…does that make me a freelancer? Or just crazy? I juggle 15 different things, but love the freedom of what I do. So what’s the big pull to step away from the corporate atmosphere?


Down to Business – Registering Your Company

Business Blog – Chapter 7 Throughout the entire process of starting MyClyq, I was constantly stepping out of my comfort zone to learn all the different aspects of building a company. However, for the task of registering a business and opening bank accounts, I got the rare opportunity to do what I know pretty well. […]


Needle in a Haystack – Finding Good Work

Anyone who knows anything about tech companies can tell you that a good programmer is hard to come by.


To The Graduating Class of 2016

Senior year was the greatest. High School and College. It didn’t matter what the past was because I always had a new world ahead of me. To this day, I look back and tell myself how surreal it is because we have come so far in 10 years. So sitting in my shoes now, what would I tell the graduating class of 2016?


Dead End At Work? Take A Step Back & ReGroup

I think the best and most successful individuals know how to unplug and step away from it all. They don’t get burned out and bored by work. They always show up in the morning, buzzing with new ideas. They are constantly motivated to go, go, go and I know you are always jealous of their enthusiasm!



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