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This is free and really easy. Take a few minutes to tell us what kind of work you need done. Be as specific as possible. As soon as you hit submit our freelancers will be able to apply for your job.

Look over each proposal, along with freelancer profiles, ratings, and portfolios to make a well informed decision. Hire the best person and start your project. Our site provides the necessary communication and payment functions for you to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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Another way you can find freelancers is by searching for them based on our different parameters. You can narrow the field by inputting a desired rating, number of reviews, price and job position.

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When you create your personal profile, you'll notice four blank profile icons in the middle of the page. This is for your Clyq, the four people you partner with in your everyday life to get the job done.

This is unique to our site and a real time saver if you plan on hiring multiple freelancers at once. You can browse every single freelancer's Clyq and you can even hire from anyone's Clyq.

The Clyq is also very beneficial for returning customers because it gives you a trusted referral from someone that you've worked with before without ever having to speak to them.

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Always 100% free and takes only a few minutes. Upload portfolios, resumes, video clips, educational background and so much more. We only ask that you make it accurate and have fun. Don't forget to invite all your partners to join so that you can customize your Clyq. Efficiency is at its highest when you work with someone you trust.

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There are a few parameters that make it easier for you to find work fast. You can search by job position, compensation, title and more to narrow down the field. Find jobs that match your unique skill set and apply.

Use the tools the site provides to keep employers well informed. Payments are processed right here on the site so you never have to worry about not getting paid for good work.

Finally, MyClyq takes an industry low 9% charge. For example, if you accept a project that will pay you $25.00, we take a fee of $2.25 for using our service. You get the remaining $22.75 for your work.

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