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Part 5 – Why I Talk To Everyone

Part 5: Why I Talk to Everyone

I got into sales at a very young age. Many people gave me advice, but there was one that stood out. I was at my first sales meeting when I noticed what one of the other reps was doing. He would say hi to every single person who he walked past. Housekeeping, strangers, valet, waiter, pool boy, it didn’t matter. He said hi to everyone. And sure enough, by the end of the trip, he knew everyone. He gave me one piece of advice before we split:

“You can’t be silent. Acknowledge everyone, be kind to all. You never know who is who.”

This actually resonated with me quite a bit. I was never the quiet one, but wouldn’t ever be the first one to initiate conversation. Now I talk to everyone and like I said, you never know who you will meet. I have talked to CEOs, influential business marketers, bloggers all the like. These are people you want to know and by some small chance you are connected to them by a simple “hello.”

I’ll give you an quick example. I was flying back from Orlando, 6 hour flight packed with kids. I looked at the guy next to me, we both sighed and put on head phones. Screaming kids just didn’t cut it! Well, I started flipping through a book and sure enough he had read the same book so we started chatting. Very quickly I found out he had been an executive at Target, 99 Cent Stores and now working in naval warfare. He gave us some inspiring tips on MyClyq and how our model could really thrive in such a competitive marketplace. An outside exec with so much experience is validating our work! This really got me going! And it didn’t take much. Just the art of conversation.

With how ingrained technology has become in our lives, conversation is lost. Kids don’t all come out of college with great interpersonal skills. I’m writing this sitting on a full Amtrak train and there are too many people who just sit down, headphones blaring. That person sitting next to you could be a Johnny Depp in costume, but you’ll never know…

Did you say hi to the person next to you? Did you strike an engaging conversation? Or did you put your head down and turn away?

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