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Why Freelance? Why Independence?

Why Freelance? Why Independence?

I find a lot of people ask this question. So I consider myself a full time independent contractor while still moonlighting…does that make me a freelancer? Or just crazy? I juggle 15 different things, but love the freedom of what I do. So what’s the big pull to step away from the corporate atmosphere? Let’s take a look at the stats:

Currently over 15.5 Million People are self-employed (30%)  and by 2020, an estimated 40% of the workforce will be independent. There is major effort by SBUs and corporations alike to center their focus and find employees who are specialized in what they do. This then maximized their efforts, allowing quicker turnaround on deliverables and better results overall. So with businesses headed in this direction, again, we ask the question, why should you take the plunge and join the growing freelance revolution?

Consider the perks:

  1. Freedom

The freedom of doing what you love when you want is the greatest pull. When surveyed, multiple freelancers considered the freedom to set their own schedule and not be overwhelmed by a stressful office environment the greatest benefit of being independent.

  1. Passion

Creativity and passion both make up our intrinsic motivation. Everyone always talks about doing what they love; intrinsically rewarding work. By freelancing, you are able to work with passion, creativity and do all this at your own pace. It allows individuals to still take care of family & personal needs without sacrificing health and sanity.

  1. Opportunity

Like we discussed above, more businesses are gearing up to hire freelancers. Why? The days of looking for the “perfect employee” are limited. More and more individuals are becoming specialized in what they do. So as industry landscapes change quickly, they are able to evolve with it.

Each freelancer is specialized in what they can do. So in certain realms it is more efficient to hire a team of specialized work versus generalized. When change is needed, you have multiple resources to pull from in your team of freelancers.

Depending on how you look at the situation, there are multiple opportunities within the freelance realm. Creating micro agencies, social networking and building relationships are just a number of the opportunities I see with freelancing. We will visit a few of those in the next blog.

To experience the new revolution in freelance, sign up to launching this summer. We are going to change the way you work.

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