The Intro

In 2015, we had an idea. In 2016, the idea will come to life. This is the official blog of MyClyq. MyClyq is the first staffing site for freelancers to utilize popular concepts in social media. But enough of that, in our blog, we want to show future entrepreneurs exactly what it takes to start and run their own company. Therefore we created two separate blogs that we’ll be running simultaneously.

The first one is the Business Blog. Here we plan to show show you an in-depth look at the different steps and tools we used and took to get to where we are and where we’re going. More specifically, we want to show you the why and the how at each pivotal point so you can learn from us; and with us.

The second one is the Motivation Series. In this blog we simply want to provide you with the motivation you need to get something started. We will have stories, concepts, things that worked for us, things that didn’t and so much more.

Don’t worry, this blog will also have all the usual news updates and breaking company stories too! Stay tuned!

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