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In February of 2015, I was doing everything in my power to get out of my boring day job in the banking industry. One of the part time projects I picked up was writing and producing a web series for YouTube. One thing I realized almost immediately was that finding quality partners in the entertainment industry is more difficult than in any other industry. Not because there aren’t skilled professionals, but because there are so many moving parts to one production. You need a director, a cinematographer, actors, writers, editors, sound mixers and so much more in order to not only bring your project to life, but to make it something worth putting your name on.

All of these people work separately as freelancers in the entertainment industry. The problem is: each freelancer has to be really good at what they do. This isn’t like a corporation, where you can have four people on a team to complete a project and three out of four carry the weight. Imagine you had filmed this great movie where cinematography was all Oscar worthy but the sound quality was terrible. You wouldn’t watch it, even if it went to DVD! Every piece of the production has to compliment the other.

After a month of scouring different websites, interviewing candidates and checking portfolios we found ourselves no closer to hiring someone than when we started. Then it clicked: Freelancers in the entertainment industry work best when connected through word of mouth referrals. But how do you connect with someone when you don’t even know they exist!? So many people work with each other everyday, it should be easier to see who certain people trust and work with the most.

After countless hours of research I realized on all these sites, if you didn’t share your information with me, how was I to trust you? How could I validate your work? So then I started to toy with the idea of a website where we could combine the best of social media and freelancing, for not just entertainment, but also all the major industries of freelance. You should be able post projects, find work, collect payment, develop partnerships, promote partnerships and do it all with the click of a mouse.

Next thing I knew, MyClyq was born.


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