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Dead End At Work? Take A Step Back & ReGroup

Part 5: Take a Step Back

We have an ongoing epidemic. Especially this generation.

The world is always connected, 24/7, 365. With the Internet and social media explosion, everyone there is so much to intake. We are overloaded with information! Same goes for the work that never ends. Emails come in around the clock, text messages never stop.

I think the best and most successful individuals know how to unplug and step away from it all. They don’t get burned out and bored by work. They always show up in the morning, buzzing with new ideas. They are constantly motivated to go, go, go and I know you are always jealous of their enthusiasm!

Step 1: You Don’t Have To Work a 14hr Day!

Voila! Working too hard makes for more work later on. As you work longer hours, you tend to make mistakes, rush through simple tasks and simply begin to neglect. There is a phenomenon called “ego depletion.” Making choices costs energy and the harder the choice, the more ego gets used up. As we’ve said before, Make a List, organize your day with the hardest choices first thing in the morning when your ego is full. Work yourself down to lunch time, then start over again after you have refueled. By the end of the day, you are left with the menial tasks that won’t require much. By doing all this, you will find that the harder choices don’t take up as much time as you think and by mid afternoon you may be twiddling your thumbs! Sorry to all the head honchos out there 🙂

Step 2: Turn it All Off

Turn the email notifications off on the weekends. Don’t bring your phone to the dinner table. Remove yourself from the inhumane grind that society forces you in to. There is time to work, there is also time for family and friends. While I understand we are all guilty of it, there comes a time to create separation from work and home. Don’t burn yourself out by constantly replying to emails or writing creative briefs. What’s the point at 11pm? Unless you are collaborating with someone overseas, nothing is that important. It can wait until morning. Research has proven time and time again that a full night of rest is not only recharges you mentally, but does wonders for your health. It helps prevent depression, obesity, lowers stress and helps spur creativity!

So when all is said and done, that last text you sent could’ve waited until your daughter was done walking across the stage. The phone call to your client was not more important than dinner with your wife. And you definitely don’t need to be the last one out of the office!

Take a step back, re-prioritize, regroup and you will find yourself ready to go!

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