Realizing Your Full Potential

Realizing Your Full Potential

“You only ever function at 40% capacity”

 This is a hard fact to grasp. I always told myself that I’m giving it my all. Leaving it all out on the rink as they say. Little did I know, there is always more in the tank…

I found the above while reading articles on the Navy Seals. Let me tell you, these guys are tough! Imagine the hardest thing you have ever done. Got it? Now multiply that by 1000! Seals are put through the ringer. They face some of the toughest mental and physical tasks known to man. How do they push through it? They are taught that you are capable of more; that there is another 60% that you have yet to tap into.

On top of helping write blog posts for a startup, I work a traveling sales job and coach youth hockey. Needless to say, it was hard to put time aside for my own personal life! I remember sitting in the office one day and telling myself, “I am exhausted, I can’t do this & there is not enough time in the day.” I would test the limits of my sanity more than once before realizing my potential. But it hit me that I was capable of more. Simply by reorganizing the way I did things, I was able to reach a higher potential.

There is a lot you can do to push the limits. If you have read previous blog posts in the Motivation Series, you know there many different ways you can prioritize your day and organize better to get more out of your day. By then you should be adding more efficiency to the time you spend working.

• Don’t Multi-task, focus on 1 objective until it is complete

• Make a list and keep track of tasks

• Visualize your success

OK, we have all that down, but what else is part of that extra 60%? There is a physical capacity and a mental capacity. Without both, you are useless. What you can prepare yourself for mentally will get you there physically. Doesn’t matter if it is work related, sports related, family related. It starts by training your brain to tell yourself, YES. I CAN DO IT.

Here is an easy example:

Go do some pushups. Mentally, you know your limit; say 20. But tell yourself over and over 24 is no problem. When you hit 20, tell yourself you will do 4 more. Did you know you just upped your push up capacity by 20%? Physically you got there by telling yourself that 4 more is no problem.

What a wonder 20% more capacity is in life. So much more can be accomplished in 20% more time, with 20% great efficiency! It takes training and you won’t achieve full potential instantly. Another mental battle, yes but it’s possible; you just have to tell yourself to do it. Sometimes it takes pushing yourself to the limit before finding out you can handle more. Test yourself and see what you can really achieve.

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