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Part 4 – Take Risks. Lose to Learn

Part 4: Take Risks. Lose to Learn

“You win, even if you lose.”

I think this speaks to every athlete out there, but everyone and anyone who has had anything to do with some form of “business.” A good loss is more important than winning all the time.

I have coached youth hockey for 10 years of my short life…so far. You can ask any of the kids I have coached, many who are destined for D1 Colleges and Pro levels, they can remember the tough losses more than they can recall the hundreds of times they may have won.

In starting this business, my partner and I have encountered many ups and downs, with many unforeseeable speed bumps to go. But thus is life. There is nothing worse than going through life unscathed only to get in a major accident late in life; not knowing how to rise from the ashes.

A good defeat makes you realize you are human. It teaches you how to rise up, improve and be a better person, a better athlete, a better business. I challenge…actually I command you to challenge us and help us improve as a site. Leave feedback, good or bad, ask questions and we will respond.

This is how I approach life everyday. Do things that are questionable and invoke risk. Don’t sit back and be comfortable, because soon you will be faced with a challenge you will not be able to overcome. If you can fall down and get up stronger every time, you know you will have accomplished more than someone who fell down once and crumbled.

Have a great week! For more #MotivationMonday, stay tuned…


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