How Do I Get Out of Bed Every Morning

Part 1 – How Do I Get Out of Bed Every Morning?

Motivation Series Pt 1

A few things in life still stand to bewilder everyone. One of those questions is how to get up and get out of bed early every morning? I found myself asking that question a few months ago and I was determined to make a change. It wasn’t just to start the day early, but to make a lifestyle change.


If you are motivated by wealth, intrinsic values, or just simply to accomplish things, you know the feeling when you win at what you do. There is no better feeling than when you close that deal or when you follow through on a plan. That’s all it takes to get up everyday: success. I believe all people are motivated by success.


This sounds silly but: Do you like to succeed? Do you want to be successful? And every one has a different opinion of being successful so there is not one defining moment of success. If you succeed at the little things, that feeling can resonate and make you successful at other things. Think about it…

Get Up

So I started waking up every morning at 530a. This is coming from the 11a college days where I wouldn’t see more than 7 hours of daylight. Now I was up before the sun rose. I knew, that in order to succeed, I had to drag my ass out of bed, into the gym and then into work. And while the first few days were tough, it felt like a win every time. Those little wins; successes, started making me feel good. I would begin my day on the right foot, everyday. It didn’t matter how the day ended, because every morning, I was successful when I was up before the sun.


Everything became a little brighter; I could see the light. Just get up and win. Know that if you complete the task at hand, you have succeeded and that’s all that matters. Success defines us as human beings, but don’t let society define success. You pave your own road and your personal success is what means the most.


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