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Part 2 – Make a List, Check it Off

“There’s not enough time in the day to do all this!” You can’t tell me you’ve never heard that line before. The truth is, there is plenty of time. An average person is awake for 13-17 hours. Take away 20 minutes in the shower, an hour eating, 40 minutes on Facebook and you still have […]


Research and Development

Today we will introduce our Business Blog, geared towards helping you get your startup off the ground!  Make sure you go back and read our first blog post, The Idea, to find out what made us get this whole thing started. Business Blog – Chapter 2  Once you have the idea, what’s your next move? Research. […]


The Intro

In 2015, we had an idea. In 2016, the idea will come to life. This is the official blog of MyClyq. MyClyq is the first staffing site for freelancers to utilize popular concepts in social media. But enough of that, in our blog, we want to show future entrepreneurs exactly what it takes to start and […]


Part 1 – How Do I Get Out of Bed Every Morning?

Motivation Series Pt 1 A few things in life still stand to bewilder everyone. One of those questions is how to get up and get out of bed early every morning? I found myself asking that question a few months ago and I was determined to make a change. It wasn’t just to start the […]


The Idea

Business Blog – Chapter 1 In February of 2015, I was doing everything in my power to get out of my boring day job in the banking industry. One of the part time projects I picked up was writing and producing a web series for YouTube. One thing I realized almost immediately was that finding […]


Hello World!

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