Barriers to Freelancing

3 Barriers to Freelancing

As a freelancer, much of your future work is determined by your previous work; i.e. your portfolio. So how do you get started if you have never done anything in the past? This has been a reoccurring theme in a lot of the research we’ve done in starting this site. It’s hard to drop everything to start something new. It takes a lot of courage, so here are 3 barriers to hop over

Meeting New People, Finding New Work

Odds are you know a lot of people. And those people know even more people. The best thing you can do is to take advantage of your extended network. You have to build a personal brand around yourself which can then be sold through the people you know. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to new people through existing relationships. No matter what, you will already one thing in common; that’s the beauty of networking. Utilize these connections and combined with your portfolio, you will find work in no time.

Showcasing Your Skill Set

The best way to prove your worth is to show by example. More often than not, the people I meet are very visual learners. If I can show them what I am capable of doing, my word goes a lot further. Even if it’s your first dive into freelancing, you have talents that are in high demand. Create some mini projects showcasing your skill set. If it’s design work, show how you can take and idea and bring it to reality. For Photography, show some before and after shots. Keep it simple, you don’t have to build a fully interactive web page right off the start! Continue building your personal brand while you evolve as a freelancer.

Showing It All Off

MyClyq was created to help you start off as a freelancer and discover the new gig economy. Through this site, you are able to plug in your extended network and let your talents be discovered. With industry low rates, you will have an easier time starting out by keeping your hard earned pay.

Meet friends of friends and get offered real, trustworthy work. Showcase your talents on our Portfolio Builder and get discovered through reliable connections within your extended network. In this day and age it’s who you know which will take you far in life. And you never know who will be the next big thing.

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