Our Story

In early 2015, founder Vadim Verdyan picked up a part time project, writing and producing a web series for YouTube. One thing he immediately realized is that finding quality partners in freelance industries like entertainment is extremely difficult. Not because there aren't enough skilled professionals, but because there are so many moving parts and jobs to one production. You need a director, a cinematographer, actors, writers, editors, sound mixers and so much more in order to not only bring your project to life, but also to make it something worth putting your name on.

After a month of scouring different websites, interviewing candidates and checking portfolios he found himself no closer to hiring someone than when he started. Then it clicked! Finding freelancers is all about real-world connections. The best and fastest way to find someone trustworthy for the job is from personal contacts or word-of-mouth referrals. But how do you find someone when you don't even know they exist? So many people work with each other everyday, it should be easier to see who certain people trust and work with the most.

With the spark of an idea in mind, Verdyan turned to long time friend turned Co-Founder, Kevin Wu to help him develop what he stumbled on. After countless hours of research, the two of them started to toy with the idea of a website where you could combine the best of social media and freelance, for not just entertainment, but all the major industries of freelance. You should be able to post projects, find work, collect payment, develop partnerships, promote partnerships and do it all with the click of a mouse.

Next thing they knew, MyClyq was born.

Our Team

Vadim Verdyan
Vadim Verdyan

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu

Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder

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